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Traveling Tips

Safety Rules. At airports Pacific Airport Group has arranged a series of measures to assist the passenger in order to achieve a pleasant and safe transit in our facilities. These measures affect the services provided by the airport, provided the passenger information and security measures.

Safety Measures Safety signs include evacuation routes, assembly points, emergency exits and direction of movement of passengers and bans step.
The location, care and respect to these signals will provide emergency assistance.



Security Areas

Security areas

There are several areas in an airport which can be summarized in three areas:


  • Public Area. It is the ambulatory area has direct access to the street where you can move freely and enjoy the services provided within our airports, where you will surely find what you require.
      In this same area is where you find the ticket sales desks and airline documentation that offer their services at each airport. You are advised to follow the safety instructions that the airline of your choice will be provided.
  • Restricted Area. These are areas where only authorized staff can enter the airport administration. If you need to enter the area for the work carried out at the airport (no walks) in order to obtain authorization to do so, you must advance the application process covering the requirements will be indicated by the administration.
      In these areas there are some airline offices, airport services to airlines, airport operational areas.
      The entrances to these areas are marked with signs of flow restrictors or way to "authorized personnel only," so if you go traveling or waiting for a family member or friend, for your safety, do not attempt to enter those areas. If you needed another reason to enter these areas, you must obtain a permit in airport management.
  • Last Call Room. These areas are the place you should be ready to finally take your flight and be in it with anticipation as instructed by the airline you travel.
      To access this area must pass through to the inspection point required, to enter that room is required by law, whether you are inspected and every one of your belongings with you.
      In this area there is a prohibition to enter items that could harm the facilities, aircraft and people, so please leave all those items that are not allowed to enter. Consider that these inspections are for your safety and others.


Inspection Point

   At the inspection point we have personnel and technology to conduct inspections in the most safe, fast and efficient procedure.
  By law any person to enter the last room waiting to undergo a review in his person, without exception.
The equipment used is harmless to people with pacemakers, pregnant women or children.

  By law all the belongings carries must undergo a review, the equipment used do not cause damage to electronic equipment (computing, palm, cell phones, floppy disks, video cameras, etc.) or commercial rolls of camera (except computers with a handle more than 1200).

  All belongings should be passed by the "X" ray machine and if necessary, as consideration of airport screening personnel may require an inspection to make your hand luggage and / or belongings. The inspection staff to detect prohibited articles will let you know.
  At the entrance to find checkpoint signs of prohibited items and some examples of them.
  To better serve you, it is important to follow the instructions that indicate the inspection personnel, and place their belongings (including the objects that bring in their pockets) in the trays located at the entrance of this area for inspection.
  It is very important for your own safety and the others, do not attempt to enter prohibited items.
  It is important to be aware of your belongings and do not forget to collect them all.

  To learn more about prohibited items, we recommend seeing "forbidden objects" (enlace a Circular CO SA-17-2-10)


Airport Restrictions
In airport facilities is forbidden the entry of the following individuals or perform the following actions, and if anyone found violating these provisions shall be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

  • Beggars
  • Unauthorized street trading by management.
  • Take photographs or video film, within the facilities and access roads to the airport.
  • Passenger load (taxis not authorized by the airport)
  • Smoking in prohibited areas.
  • Request or commit acts of riot or public disorder.
  • Immoral acts.
  • Unlawful acts

All those actions for damage to facilities and / or airport users. Parking in the roads from the airport if not for the purpose of ascent or descent of people and for longer than necessary for this.