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     Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico has been recently distinguished as a socially-responsible company for the fourth consecutive year and launched its 2012 social responsibility campaign, “Your change for a change”, which seeks to support 9 schools located in the same municipalities as some of its airports.

     For the third consecutive year, GAP has supported the childhood education initiatives in the towns in which the company operates, which in most cases are needy communities. The programs will help approximately 1,500 students at these schools, as well as teachers and parents, via the Fundación Lazos IAP organization. The programs include training, the improvement of educational quality of the student materials, thereby achieving a virtuous circle that will improve the students’ environment, which can be adverse in many cases. The programs also look to improve the actual infrastructure at the schools, as well as distribute uniforms and student materials to each of the students.


During this student cycle, we expect to donate nearly 4 million pesos, reaching a total of 6 million pesos donated in the last two years. These amounts have been achieved thanks to the donations at the airports, both from employees as well as users of the airport terminals. GAP matches each peso donated. .

     We invite the entire community that uses our airports to join this noble cause, leaving a coin in each of the boxes. We are certain that contributing these values to the children will have a great impact on these communities in the medium and long-term.