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The GAP BLUE program is a free service that provides assistance to passengers with disabilities due to a temporary or permanent condition, visible or invisible, as they pass through our airport facilities, in 3 phases:



  • Providing a communication channel to answer any questions or channel you correctly, contact us for more information at this link A CONTACTO GAP

  • Access to downloadable support material to improve your experience.
  • Support documents:
  • You can schedule a reconnaissance visit 7 days prior to the trip.

*It will be necessary to verify that you will travel, and the number of companions and time of the visit is subject to the operation of the airport.



  • If you schedule at least 72 hours in advance of your trip, we can provide you with the support material of the Kit and the accompaniment by a Passenger Experience and Quality Assurance Agent, (EPAC), for the processes from the airport to the boarding gate on departure flights or even baggage claims on arrival flights.


*It is not a custody service, older adults in wheelchairs owned by airlines and minors must travel accompanied or under their own policies.


*For the accompaniment, it will be necessary to verify that you are a passenger as well as the companions and the number of these is subject to the operation of the airport and arrive with the previously recommended time of 2 hours on domestic trips and 3 on international flights.


  • Come to our information modules or with an EPAC agent and ask for the Kit tools that can help you improve your experience.

*The material is subject to availability and the advantages of the tool for the passenger, they are not souvenirs.



Improving with your feedback at thislink a contacto GAP

The GAP BLUE program does not replace any regulations, policies or procedures that exist regarding people with disabilities and their access to services related to air travel, whether from authorities, airlines, or service providers.

Contact us we are here to help you