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Gap’s Certifications


accesibilidad-gapIn GAP, we take our responsibility as an inclusive company that shares fully the Federal Government's interest in supporting people with disabilities and users with special needs (USN) and thus adopts an inclusive vision ensuring the highest quality infrastructure for accessibility.


An important part of the investments made by the company, have been destinated for infrastructure works and adaptations to meet the quality standards that must comply the facilities for disabled at Mexican airports, which were established by the Federal Government. This enabled us to provide a service without barriers for people with disabilities and special needs and so obtain the Accessibility certification, issued jointly by the Free Access Institution and the Coordination for Dignity Spaces of the Universidad Iberoamericana.





The 4% of parking spaces is reserved for people with disabilities, and has the proper dimensions and signage.






All of our sanitary modules are equipped with a adapted toilet and equipped for people with disabilities.








We have elevators and ramps to facilitate the subsequent level circulation. 







In February 2005 the Federal Government confirmed that GAP has met these standards in all of its airports, making the first airport operator GAP in Mexico to obtain this certification for all its airports.