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GAP Schools


The educational model applied in the GAP school is based on the KIPP philosophy, and it focuses 51% on character training and 49% on academic training.


Each student enrolled in the GAP school, completes a socio-economic study, which identifies the specific environment of each child.


It is worth mentioning that our children received 100% scholarships, which is why the Commitment to Excellence is read to parents and incoming students, clearly stating the requirements that must be met to retain their scholarship.


  • 95% Attendance
  • 95% Homework Accomplishment
  • A grade of 75 is the required minimum average
  • Commitment and dedication of parents towards their children
  • Active participation in GAP’s school parent association

The advantages of this education system are:
  • The KIPP model has been tested in other countries for over 15 years and guarantees that more than 80% of children will get into college.

  • Establishment of a high performance study program. Students have extended hours from 7:45am to 4:45pm.

  • Service-minded and professionally-talented teachers.

  • Implementation of educational tests to explore competencies, such as verbal comprehension, perceptive reasoning, working memory and processing speed.

  • Active parent participation in their children’s’ academic development.

  • Breakfast and lunch is provided at school, they receive uniforms and school supplies at no additional cost to the families.

  • Remedial and tutoring for grammar, reading and mathematics.

  • Children are encouraged to apply their learned values at home and therefore change their home environment for the better.