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Social Entrepreneurs


GAP Foundation recognizes an innovative organizational model in social companies that directly benefits society by providing added value and a source of employment.


Therefore, we focus on leadership training and entrepreneurs that seek a social benefit and have the effect of generating wealth.


Social Entrepreneurs GAP-TECUnderstanding the importance of promoting this type of entrepreneurs, we reached an agreement with ITESM Campus Guadalajara and we are working with approximately 70 social leaders to form a social entrepreneur association, allowing them to generate innovative and unorganized ideas that may be matured and validated to convert these initiatives on a sustainable business model and thus generate value.

Our goal is to conclude 2015 with 10 operating companies that add value to society.

GAP Social EntrepreneurCoparmex GAP created a bond with the group of young entrepreneurs of Coparmex Jalisco to acknowledge entrepreneurs with business models that promote a social benefit.

  • 2012 – Jungabungla Company, party room that stimulates leadership in children using the different types of intelligence through caricatured characters.

  • 2013 – Coffee Brokers Company seeks to develop coffee producers in Jalisco and market bean or ground coffee in different varieties and flavors.

  • Vita Alfalfa Company, inspired in Alfalfa de Jalostotitlán to create an organic beverage for diabetics.