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Gap’s Certifications


At GAP we know that the success of the company depends on our customers and therefore we focus on not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations of our service to ensure your complete satisfaction.

To meet the Quality Policy of GAP, we have implemented since 2004 a Quality Management System in all and each of the airports that we operate, which has been certified under the ISO 9001: 2008 standard by AENOR, being the first airports operator in Mexico to obtain such certification.




Quality Policy


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Provide to the passengers and airlines that use the airports operated by the Pacific Airport Group, infrastructure and operational, complementary and commercial services, containing high standards of Quality, Safety and Comfort, having as base of the Quality Management System the following premises:


  • Search the satisfaction of our customers both external and internal
  • Adapt the airport infrastructure and services to the optimum operating level at all times comply with the legal      commitments, regulatory and contractual in order to achieve efficiency of services provided
  • To be a Socially Responsible Company with the Environment in which it operates
  • To provide the needed tools to the personnel of the organization, to ensure their professional and family development
  • Quality Management System, through periodic review of the results


This policy will be the framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives

This system allow us to identify continuously and with opportunity, the needs and expectations of passengers and airlines, being mainly the safety and security, comfort of facilities and an efficient process through them. As a result, the Company seeks to provide facilities that are attractive, safe and functional as well as continuously improve our customer service culture.


To measure the level of our customer’s satisfaction with the infrastructure and the services offered by the company, we have implemented communication channels such as the mailbox for complaints and suggestions, and surveys on semiannual basis for passenger and annual basis for airlines, which allow us to detect our opportunity areas and to establish continuous improvement plans.


Besides, recently was implemented the "Comment Cards" program at the Guadalajara airport, which continuously monitors the service, and allow us to act immediately; this program pretends to be implemented on the main airports of the Group, which will result in a significant improvement in customer satisfaction.